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Original Jerk (2015, 2nd Place)

2015, 2nd Place – Meat Required > Jerk Seasoning

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Product Description

Year: 2015
Place: 2nd Place
Product Name: Original Jerk
Category: Meat Required
Subcategory: Jerk Seasoning

Our Original Jerk Sauce is a sweet and spicy blend of Caribbean jerk spices along with classic southern barbecue flavors. It is perfect for grilling, basting, dipping and for use as a marinade.

Company Name: Louisville Sauce Company
7606 Brewer Drive
Louisville, KY 40258
Contact Person: Frank Voegtlin
Phone: 502-817-9887
Email: frank.voegtlin@twc.com
Website: louisvillesauceco.com

Scovie SpotlightWhat goes well with burgers? Beer braised onions and sriracha-aioli that’s what. This mouthwatering jerk burger recipe from 2015 Scovie Award winner Louisville Sauce Company makes our stomachs growl just reading it. Tip: Save some beer from the braised onion recipe for drinking…

Louisville Sauce Company Big B’s Original Jerk Burgers
Yields 3
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  1. 1 Pound ground chuck beef
  2. ¼ Cup Louisville Sauce Company Original Jerk Sauce
  3. 3 Hamburger Buns (we used Brioche)
  4. 1 Tomato Sliced
  5. 1 Recipe Beer Braised Onions (Recipe Follows)
  6. 1 Recipe Sriracha-Aioli (recipe Follows)
Beer Braised Onions
  1. These can be made a day ahead and reheated before serving.
  2. 1 Medium onion, peeled, cut in half and thinly sliced.
  3. 2 TBSP butter
  4. 1 Cup beer at room temperature. (We used an American IPA)
  5. Salt and Pepper
  1. Combine Ground Beef and Jerk Sauce. Mix well, then refrigerate for 30 minute to 4 hours.
  2. Divide Beef into 3 hamburger patties and grill until internal temperature reaches 165 degrees or to your liking.
  3. To assemble: Spread Sriracha-aioli on one side of bun, add a hamburger patty, beer braised onions, a slice of cheese and a slice of tomato. Close bun and serve!
Beer Braised Onions
  1. Add 2 TBSP of butter to a small pot over medium. Melt butter and add onions, a pinch of salt and pepper. Cook until the onions start to soften. About 5 minutes.
  2. Add the beer and cook until the beer has evaporated and the onions are softened.
  1. For more product information and to order online visit louisvillesauceco.com
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